I have been a designer of expressive functional objects for architecture and the public space for twenty years and believe that steel is the perfect material to create these forms.

Being interested in using steel to create expressive applied design, I went to Switzerland in 1990 to learn traditional blacksmithing techniques in Beckenried from master blacksmith, Hans Ueli Baumgartner.

I studied 3D product design at the Art academy (HKU) in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and graduated in 1996 as a 3D product designer.

Since then I have been working as an independent designer of expressive applied design for public space and architecture.

3D Cad and digital production techniques play an increasingly important role in my projects.
I work with the motto:

Modern digital production techniques when possible and traditional craftsmanship when needed.

This gives me a lot of freedom to create interesting forms when working with steel, while allowing me to deliver design projects within budget and on time.

I have built all my design projects with my own production team for many years, Today where and how a project will be built will be determined by the scale of the project and the client’s wishes.

Currently I am resident of the beautiful area called Hardanger in Norway, where I welcome clients from all over Europe.